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In the days when our country, like all countries in the world, was infected with the coronavirus, the need to watch Iranian movies was felt more than ever. for example, you can watch Band Bazi part 7 – FarsiLand This led to the opening of cinemas in a targeted manner with the beginning of 1400 and the relative control of coronary heart disease. Although some of them were affected by the release of 1400 new Iranian films in cinemas, To the extent that some of the latest films of Iranian cinema achieved very high sales and are at the top of the sales chart of 1400 movies. and we can watch some of the serials on farsiland.

At the beginning of 1400, few films were introduced for Nowruz’s release. These 1400 Iranian films did not sell well at the beginning of their release due to the spread of the Coronavirus, as the situation of Corona improved in our country, the best Iranian films of 1400 were introduced and screened on the silver screens of cinemas. and the website Farsiland is the best site for free watch Iranian serials. In the following, we have prepared a table of the best-selling and best Iranian movies in 1400.

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