Chaos Walking 2021

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Film Chaos Walking 2021

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June 17, 2021, In the cinema / 1 hour 49 min. / Sci-Fi, action directed by Doug LimanScript: Patrick Ness, Christopher D. FordCast: Tom Holland, Daisy Ridley, Demian Bichir

Just started in the cinema, from July 15th on Sky Cinema: In the near future, Todd Hewitt (Tom Holland) finds the mysterious Viola (Daisy Ridley), that they are stranded after a crash landing on the distant planet “New World”.  I this dangerous and hostile world, Viola’s life is in danger from the start. Together with Todd, she goes on the run from the leader of Prentisstown (Mads Mikkelsen) and his men. In doing so, the two discover an unbelievable, dark truth and soon have to run for their lives …

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Two unlikely companions embark on a perilous adventure, the badlands of an unexplored planet, they try to disorienting reality where all thoughts are seen and heard with everyone.

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