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The Frog (Persian: قورباغه‎, romanized: Ghoorbagheh) is a crime and mystery series written, edited and directed by Houman Seyyedi and produced by Ali Asadzadeh, produced in 2020–2021 in Iran. This series is the first series made by Houman Seyyedi, the first episode of which was supposed to be released on December 15, 2020, but the broadcast of this series was stopped by court order. Finally, the first part of this series was released on December 23, 2020

Download all parts of the movie Frog, Hooman Sidi, after playing in the Golshifteh series, explicitly announced that he no longer intends to play in any serial or movies that will be broadcast on the show’s home network. But this is not the case with his directing. These days, Hooman Sidi is hardly involved in making the Ghorbaghe series. A masterpiece that is expected to reach the highest audience.

An interesting point about all parts of the movie Ghorbaghe is the presence of the successful face of these years of cinema, “Navid Mohammadzadeh”. Mohammadzadeh, who previously collaborated with Hooman Sidi in the movie “Small Rusty Brains”, is in the serial Ghorbaghe part 1. This is the first time we see Navid Mohammadzadeh in the form of a series that is broadcast on the show’s home network. So you can expect a special series.

Along with Navid Mohammadzadeh, actors such as “Sarkar Khanum Sahar Dolatshahi”, “Saber Abr”, “Fereshteh Hosseini”, “Navid Pourfaraj” and Hooman Sidi himself will play roles. Of course, this is the only list that was presented months ago, when the Frog series was in the pre-production stages, and many other letters have been added to this masterpiece so far.

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The director of photography for the Frog series is also “Peyman Shadmanfar”


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What happens in Serial Ghorbaghe Part 4?

Farhad and Ramin take the money and the car and leave the villa. On their way, they argue over the distribution of money. When they enter the gas station to refuel, Ramin leaves Farhad and goes by car. Ramin pays someone $5,000 to leave the country to get him a passport. Farhad thinks of exposing Ramin to the police and Ramin realizes. He plots to kill Farhad and …

Ramin enters into negotiations with Nouri and says that in order to keep him quiet, he must fill the quality he has brought with him with money. Nouri is satisfied and tells his people to fill Ramin’s bag with money, but only if it no longer bothers them. In addition to money, Ramin also gets a high-end car. He takes his mother for a ride in that car. Police stop Ramin’s car and interesting things happen next.

There are many positive and negative comments about the frog series. One of the criticisms is about Ramin’s survival.

Terrible events in the new episode of the Frog series – Serial

Soroush: You are not in love. You are just pretending.
Leila: I do not love you.
Soroush: You are bothering me.
Leila: So leave me and go.
Soroush: Let me go with Ramin.

Leila and Ramin argue in the car and get into a fight. Leila throws Ramin out of the car.
As soon as Ramin got out of Leila’s car, the intelligence agents arrived and, as if chasing him, they immediately arrested him and took him to the intelligence office. There, the superior of the officer in charge of interrogating and investigating Ramin’s case was interrogating Ramin to find out how he was released on the day…

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