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The 15 Best Iranian Movies of All Time Iranian Cinema is a rich and diverse cinema that has been in existence since the 1930s amidst oppressive regimes, censorship, and even in the face of exile. The history of film as an art form in Iran dates back to the pioneering days of cinema when the first movie theatre opened in Tehran in 1904. The film was less than ten years old at the time and many Iranians flocked to cinemas to watch these primitive masterpieces. However, it would be another 25 years before Iran would develop its own national cinema, a cinema of morality, humanity, abandonment, and integrity. Starting with the opening of the first film school in 1925, an Iranian national cinema quickly began to develop.

zakhm Kari part 13 was made in 1400. This series is a product of Iran and is in the family and social genre. Maleki is one of the directors of a successful company that Ebrahim Rizabadi. run it. Rizabadi instructs Maleki to negotiate an important oil contract with the Norwegians.

Release: 2021

Cast: Javad Ezzati, Rana Azadivar, Hanieh Tavassoli, Saeed Changizian, Elahe Hessari, Siavash Tahmourth, Abbas Jamshidifar, Mehdi Zamin Pardaz, Amir Hossein Hashemi, Kazem Hajirazad, Manouchehr Alipour, Mahlagha Bagheri, Maedeh Tahmasebi, Morteza Amini Tabar, Saar Director: Mohammad Hossein Mahdavian Producer: Mohammad Reza Takhtkashian Author: Mahmoud Hosseinizad Genre: Family, Social.

Zakhm Kari
Zakhm Kari

Free Watch Online Serial Zakhm Kari part 13 فارسی لند

About Zakhme Kari ( Mortal Wound )

«Mortal Wound» (Zakhme Kari) is the latest work of «Mohammad Hossein Mahdavian», the famous director of cinema and creator of works such as «The Story of Noon», «Lottery» and «Standing in the Dust». Prominent actors such as «Javad Ezati», «Rana Azadivar», «Hanieh Tavassoli», «Saeed Changizian», «Elahe Hesari», «Abbas Jamshidi Far» and «Mahdi Zaminpardaz» have played roles in this drama and «Mohammad Reza Takhtkeshian» has been in charge of preparing it. «- I love winters here. Isn’t it beautiful? – Beautiful but difficult …»

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Download serial zakhm kari part 13

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