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Farsiland is a website that you can download and watch movies for free on it.

Introducing Farsiland site

We are a strong team and our job is to make Iranian films available to those who cannot afford them. In our website, We have a strong archive of all Iranian films with the best quality. We have also made it possible for you to choose the quality of the film that suits your needs.

Why Farsiland? The advantage of Farsiland site compared to other sites

As you know, if you want to watch a new series, you have to buy it legally. Now, if you are outside Iran, it is not possible for you to make a purchase with a credit card. In these cases, the Farsiland site will help you. We put all the series for free to watch online and download.

What movies are broadcast in Farsiland?

All Iranian serials and Iranian films such as Giso series, Frog series, Queen of Beggars series, Aghazadeh series, Ham Rafiq, Mafia nights and …
If you have a requested video, you can leave us a comment so we can add it to the archive.

What do you know about new Iranian series?

Recently, new series have been released that are very popular.
Aghazadeh, for example, received very positive feedback. Most of the reason for the popularity of this series can be attributed to the relatively realistic story as well as the acting of certain actors.

Aghazadeh Series In Farsiland

serial aghazadeh
serial aghazadeh

Aghazadeh series is the first popular series on our list. This series examines the issues between the ministers of the country. In this series, we encounter a person named Nima who commits any offence to achieve his goals. He then kills several people and engages in moral corruption.

The positive role of the film is called Hamed, who marries Razia. Razia used to be Nima’s girlfriend, but she repents and marries Hamed. There are many problems for Hamed and Razia is killed. Hamed is arrested for killing Alex and goes to prison, and other unfortunate incidents occur.

Serial Ghorbaghe

This series, of which 3 episodes have been released so far, has become one of the most popular series. A strange thing happened in episode 2 of this series that caused negative comments from the audience. That was how a person is still alive after being hit by 2-3 bullets. But the creators’ explanation was that this person’s heart was very rarely congenitally on the right side of his body and therefore his heart was not shot. You can watch this series for free on the Farsiland website.

Malake Gedayan

Malake gedayan
Malake gedayan

Today, the first episode of the Queen Beggars series aired and was accompanied by a good reaction. This series tells the story of a person who wants to get married but there are events that ruin his wedding. You can download this series for free on the Farsiland website.

There are other series and movies on the way that we will put in the archive of the Farsiland site as soon as they are released. If you have problems downloading and watching online, be sure to let us know. We provide powerful download links so you can watch and download your favourite movie as soon as possible.