Herfei part 11 – Farsiland

Serial Herfei part 11 – (The Professional)

Herfei Part 11 – Farsiland (سریال حرفه ای قسمت 11 فارسی لند) is the name of one of the new sequence of the residence theater network, directed via the usage of Mostafa Taghizadeh and produced with the aid of Saeed Khani, produced in 1400 in Iran, which has a social genre. A pure and complicated sketch that requires an expert murderer to execute. He is in all likelihood the neatest and most ruthless. Its actors encompass an aggregate of movie and television actors such as Ali Mostafa, Sirvan Khosravi, Zanyar Khosravi, Sara Bahrami, Mahour Alvand, Elmira Dehghani, and others who’ve acted in this series.


Serial Herfei part 11 – (The Professional), the pure and complex plan that requires a professional assassin to execute. Its actors include a combination of film and television actors such as Ali Mostafa, Sirvan Khosravi. Siamak and Sina prepare the necessary equipment to steal the safe and prepare for the theft. On the other hand, Soheil and Thelma find out after visiting the doctor that…

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