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Jeyran part 5 -FarsiLand is a series of home theater networks directed by Hassan Fathi and written by Ehsan Javanmard and Hassan Fathi and produced by Ismail Afifa, produced in 1400. Hassan Fathi, after the successful experience of the Shahrzad series and after the end of the movie Mast-e-Eshgh, in which he used Iranian and Turkish actors, focuses on the life of Naser al-Din Shah in his latest work, which is being prepared again for the home theater network. Jeyran – FarsiLand is the second series of Hassan Fathi Home Show Network. This series is about the life of Naser al-Din Shah and deals with the events after the death of Amir Kabir. Fathi has chosen Bahram Radan for the role of Naser al-Din Shah and has given the role of Mahalia (Nasreddin Shah’s mother) to Shabnam Moghaddam. Babak Hamidian is also scheduled to play the role of Milijak in Nasser al-Din Shah’s court. you can watch new movies in Farsiland , We hope have a good free time with farsiland and enjoy them!

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Detail free New watch & Movies –Serial attractive Jeyran – FarsiLand – فارسی لند
Age category: TV-14 | Watching this movie is not suitable for people under 14!
Producers: Ismail Afifa
Authors: Ehsan Javanmard, Hassan Fathi
Duration: 60 minutes

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