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The best Iranian series, such as Serial khatoon part 10- FarsiLand are a rich variety of films that have existed in oppressive regimes, censorship, and even exile since the 1930s. The history of film as an art form in Iran can be traced back to the pioneer era of film. At that time, the first cinema opened in Tehran in 1904, and Iran’s national cinema quickly began to develop. As a result, the Iranian national movie has become a fascinating, chaotic, affectionate, and poignant movie.

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Series khatoon Part 10-FarsiLand (سریال ایرانی خاتون قسمت ده) This is Tina Pakravan’s first series, telling the story of a family in a historical context. depicting the fate of a family and land during the Second World War and the Allied occupation of Iran. The historical background of Iran,a not-so-promising times,have occurred in the existence of all of us, and Khatoon is the story of a lady from this land, who served her life in Iran Fight

How much do you know about the new Iranian Movies?

Recently, the new series has released and is very popular. For example, Aghazadeh received very positive feedback.

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