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Khatoon part 16 – Farsiland is an Iranian television series produced in 1400 in the historical romance genre, directed by Tina Pakravan and produced by Ali Asadzadeh. This collection has been broadcast exclusively from Namava since 18 August 1400. The continuation of the first season of this series started on January 27th. The composer of this collection is Kayhan Kalhor.سریال خاتون –فارسی لند

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Tells the story of a family in the context of history. A story that begins at the beginning of September 1320 and during World War II and the occupation of Iran. by the Allies and depicts the fate of a family and land The history of Iran, with all its ups and downs

The good Iranian series, such as Khatoon Part 15 – FarsiLandare a rich variety of films that have existed in oppressive regimes, censorship, and even exile since the 1930s. The history of film as an art form in Iran can be traced back to the pioneer era of film. At that time, the first cinema opened in Tehran in 1904, and Iran’s national cinema quickly began to develop. As a result, the Iranian national film has become a fascinating, affectionate, and poignant movie.

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