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Khosoof – FarsiLand is the first home series of Maziar Miri, a not very active director in the country. The director’s latest film project was the movie “Sarah and Aida”, which has been made for 2 years.
According to Maziar Miri, the story of the series Eclipse is a social genre.

Khosoof – FarsiLand (سریال خسوف) is a drama, social and romantic series written by Mehdi Shirzad and Hossein Torabnejad, directed by Maziar Miri and produced by Homayoun Asadian, produced in 1400 in Iran. 

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This series has a family and love story and has a kind of youthful story. The production of the first season of this series has been completed and we are currently writing the final episodes of the second season.

According to Trabonejad, “Eclipse” is a story that is filmed in other countries besides Iran.

Eclipse series: Actors, story and time of eclipse series

Amin Tarakh, born on August 11, 1943, in Shiraz, is an Iranian film, theater, and television actor and acting teacher. The first film in which he played a role was The Death of Yazdgerd. He has also played famous roles such as Ibn Sina in the series Bu Ali Sina.

Amin Tarakh is an actor with a style and works as a freelance actor. He has played various important roles in movies, TV series, and theater. He has been an active participant in various national festivals, both as an actor and as a member of the jury, as well as as a member of the board of directors of the Cinema House. He has also been invited to festivals in Moscow, Japan, and Germany.

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Eclipse series: Actors, story and time of eclipse series

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