Meydane Sorkh part 11 – Farsiland

لینک تماشای سریال میدان سرخ – فارسی لند 

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Iranian Cinema As Serial Meydane Sorkh – farsiland is a rich and diverse cinema that has been in life in the Thirties amidst oppressive regimes, censorship, A movie is an art form in Iran that dates returned to the pioneering days of cinema in 1904. Beginning with the opening of the first film faculty in 1925, an Iranian national cinema quickly started to develop.

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Meydane Sorkh part 11 – Farsiland

Meydane Sorkh, element 11 – فارسی لند of Grochev’s tale, leaves Iran, however together with his departure, the destiny of those three partners is completely separated.

Touraj Mobini, who has confronted Simin’s loss of life, is now facing a lady named Alaa who has to determine his demise and life. After kidnapping Simin, Turaj Mobini’s wife, Grochev, due to outside pressures, takes new measures that reveal an exceptional mystery and bring Makin’s own family to the edge of falling apart. However, that’s not the complete story; because the pope also has to make a tough selection.

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