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The first episode of the “Serial Anha part 2” series, called “China Idol”, was unveiled. Watch the first episode of the series “They” on Thursday, June 26, at 8:00 PM on “Filament”. In this episode, Nora Hashemi, Ilya Akhavan, Nurgol Dzogolayeva, Mehran Vosoughi, and Hirad Mohammadi will play roles. Soroush Rouhbakhsh writes “They” is a series in the horror genre. Each episode of which will release every Thursday on “Philmont” with different stories and actors. This Serial Anha part 2 is produced by Parviz Parastavi and Milad Jarmouz is the director of this episode. Nora Hashemi had her first experience on the home theater network by playing in the first episode of the series “Serial Anha part 2” called “Idol of China”. Other actors in “Idol of China” include Ilya Akhavan, Norgol Dzogolayeva, Mehran Vosoughi, and Hirad Mohammadi.

The first episode of the series “Serial Anha part 2” write by Soroush Rouhbakhsh will be broadcast on Thursday, June 27, on “Filmnet”. This series is produce by Parviz Parastavi and Milad Jarmouz is the director of this episode. There is a place in the dark that we do not know about, where they are watching us. They are the name of the latest series of Filmnet Internet platform. According to Zomji, their horror series will start on Thursday, June 27th. Their directors are Milad Jazmour and Mehdi Aghajani and Parviz Parastavi is the producer of this series. Their horror series written by Soroush Rouhbakhsh will be broadcast in 10 episodes and each episode will tell a unique story.. Earlier, the horror series Summoning was publish on the home show network. Which, of course, was not very well receive by users.

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Serial Anha part 2

Parviz Parastavi was born in Chaloo village, Kaboudar Ahang city. His father was a farmer and he immigrated to Tehran when he was 3 years old. He spent his childhood and adolescence in a small rented house in the Cave Gate neighborhood. He completed his primary education at Sadeghieh Eslami School in Customs Alley. Swallow bought a house near the south terminal by saving eleven thousand tomans. For some time he interest in sports and was the goalkeeper of the workers’ team. After this time, he went to the Naziabad Welfare Center and began to study theater. Parviz Parastavi worked as a clerk in the Tehran judiciary for a while in 1981, when he was 26 years old (two years in the family court and eight years in the criminal court (former criminal)), but after a while due to great interest.

Who is Parviz Parastavi in Serial Anha?

He joined Bahram Beizai’s group in 1969 and in the same year he finally played his first role in the theater of the story of a place. Parastavi started his artistic activity in 1969 by performing plays in welfare centers, youth palaces and intellectual development centers for children and adolescents. In 1974, he won the “Youth Palace” award for his role in the play “Stall” and a year later for his role in “Serial Anha part 2”. His acquaintance with Behzad Farahani led him to the Koch group to seek experience. The peak of his career was in 1973 in the plays Eye to Eye, a night in Halabiabad, Hammer and Bright House in which he played. His performance in the popular play Milad as a land dealer soon made him a household name among theatergoers.

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He went to the theater and worked there until the end. Parastavi start his first activity in Serial Anha part 2 in 1983 with Diar Asheghan and at the very beginning he was admire and won the Crystal Simorgh for Best Supporting Actor at the Fajr Film Festival. In 1987, he co-starred with Khosrow Shakibaei in the movie Hunting. His role in Snowman (1373) and Lily is with me (1374) in different roles made him more famous and he also receive an honorary diploma for playing the role of Sadegh Meshkini at the Fajr Festival. Their horror series, produced by Parviz Parastavi, will soon be broadcast on the farsiland platform. Also you can free watch Serial Gisoo part 14 on site!


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