Serial Ghorbaghe Part 13

Serial Ghorbaghe

Leila has gone to visit Shamsabadi. He suffers a lot with a cut and bandaged finger. Again, according to speculation from the previous episode, the two seem to have fallen in love. The acquaintance of the two goes back a long time. Leila tells Shamsabadi the truth of the story. That Nouri does not have the power of hypnosis and does so with a drug. Eventually, he promises to bring her some of the drugs so she can be released from prison.

Leila apparently sees Shams Abadi for the first time in a restaurant and falls in love with him. He then chases her and eventually confronts her up close in a large grocery store. Meanwhile, the shelf of goods falls on the son of Shams Abadi and he faints. When they go to the hospital, Shamsabadi’s wife comes and.

The genre of the Frog series is Drama, Social, and Puzzle. The series addresses the problems that exist in society and the effects it has on the individual. This series is Hooman Sidi’s first experience in making long series. Watch Online Ghorbaghe Part 1 For Free.

Ramin goes to Nouri’s house with his friend’s brother. He then enters into negotiations with Nouri and states that in order to keep quiet, he must fill the bag he has brought with him. Nouri Vali does not accept and says that he does not pay ransom to anyone. Finally, he says that this money is the ransom of his friends who killed him.

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