Serial Ghorbaghe Part 14

Frog Part 14 | Ghoorbaghe 14

Episode 14 of the Frog begins where, following the adventures that lead to the discovery of drugs, Nouri leaves the drug depot after dividing each person’s share.
The exact reason for this is not clear, but it can be concluded that this action was aimed at debunking the location of the material storage so that it could be cleared and no one would doubt it.
After the events described, Nouri, as if aware of the impending explosion, begins to run and flee the place.

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Serial Ghorbaghe Part 14

Leila has gone to visit Shamsabadi. He blames Leila for all his troubles, and in fact, he has lost his wife and children since she entered his life. The acquaintance of the two goes back a long time, and obviously since he still had a wife and a son. Leila tells Shamsabadi the truth of the story. That Nouri does not have the power of hypnosis and does so with a drug. Eventually, he promises to bring her some of that stuff

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