Serial Ghorbaghe Part 15


Serial Ghorbaghe Part 15 Farsiland

In this part of the Ghorbaghe series, Nouri and Ramin coordinate so that they can move with all their belongings.
Ramin: There is nothing worse than being suspended. Each of us is connected but our path is different. I’m not a good starter, but I end well.
Frank texted Ramin and tells him: What happened? Where are you?
Ramin: Nouri pays attention to everything. The program may change.
Frank: Are you kidding? I mean, what program changes? when will you arrive? I can no longer hold this.
Ramin: Keep them. If they leave the port, we will be miserable.

Nouri asks one of his men questions about passing traffic police to make sure no one is travelling on this road..

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Serial Ghorbaghe Part 15 farsiland

Nouri gets into another problem. He needs Soroush anyway, so he has to get the plaintiff’s consent. He does not go under the burden of consent in any way, and in this way, Nouri acquires his first use of substances recently, and with them, he influences the plaintiff and obtains his satisfaction.
Abad, who is very surprised by the plaintiff’s change of heart, says sarcastically to Nouri, “Do you know hypnosis?” Nouri also says indifferently that yes. And that’s why the name hypnosis stays with him. While hypnosis has not been the case at all, we now know that the story is something else. Nouri also makes his second use in selling a gold shop. One day, with the help of Abad and Soroush, he starts a new job.

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