Serial Ghorbaghe Part 10

Watch Online Serial Ghorbaghe Part 7: Ramin is stuck in the car and is waiting for Frank to come. He goes back to his childhood memories. He remembers a frog catching up with his sister. His guard jumps into the lagoon and is about to drown. His father takes him out.

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Frank arrives and opens the car door and rescues Ramin.
Ramin: I do not know why I became like this. My brain seems frozen.
Frank: It’s okay, you’ll be fine soon. Where should I go my love?
Ramin: I do not know. For now, go like this to tell you.

Frank stops him on the street and tells Ramin: Get off, when you don’t trust me so much that you don’t know where you want to go, then go down.

n the previous part, we witnessed many events. Nouri asks Ramin to return the cut finger to him, but Ramin says that he has thrown away the finger and no trace of that finger remains.

Nouri says to him: Why do you oppose me so much?
Ramin: I do not object, I just say that finger did not work anymore.
Nouri: I know
Ramin: So what do you want?
Nouri: I want to give it to Soroush to see what he wanted to do with it.

Ramin tells him: Soroush knows what you are doing. He seeks money and power. Get him out as soon as possible. Ramin calls his sister and tells her to bring her passport. Her sister comes with her husband and says

Ramin seeks to obtain a fake passport in order to continue his journey with the said passport by leaving Iran illegally for Turkey. This seems to be all that is on Ramin’s mind, but after he seems to hear Frank’s offer, he thinks a little.

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