Serial Ghorbaghe Part 8

Serial Ghorbaghe Part 8

What will happen in Serial Ghorbaghe Part 8: Soroush and Ramin are fighting over Leila. Soroush angrily threatens Ramin that he should not talk to Leila, but he ignores and this makes Soroush more nervous.

At the same time, Abad asks Soroush for help. When Soroush goes to Abad for help, he says: Did you fall in love?
Soroush: Who is in love?
Abad: Leila, you got really angry because Ramin talked to Leila.
Soroush: Leave me …
Soroush goes to Leila and asks her what Ramin was telling her.

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Synopsis of Serial Ghorbaghe Part 8

Abad falls from behind the canvas. Leila, Soroush and Ramin take him to the hospital. Soroush survives, but his arms and legs are badly damaged.

On the way back from the hospital, Ramin and Leila are once again in the car next to each other, and there is talk between the two again. Ramin tries to inform Leila about the truth of her brother’s hypnosis, but eventually Leila realizes that she is aware of this and wants to distance herself from her brother. ‌ So she separates from Ramin and He gets her out of the car.

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