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Serial Ghorbaghe Part 9 Ramin is fully settled in Nouri Villa and now associates with the people of that villa. This companionship and proximity have also caused problems. Most important of all was Ramin’s verbal disputes with Soroush. Soroush is very upset about Ramin entering the villa, and at times even suspicious. He even conveys this position to Nouri, but he does not accept it.

On the night of the robbery of Ramin and his friends from Nouri’s villa, one of Shamsabadi’s agents and people comes to visit Nouri to find out the secret of hypnotizing him. This armed man was aware of all the entrances and exits of the villa and walked there in an hour when Nouri was alone.

In the yard of the villa, Ramin meets a girl who is Leila, Nouri’s sister. Soroush is still arguing with Ramin and even threatening him, but …

Shamsabadi goes to see Nouri and asks him to go with her.
Nouri: What if I do not accept your invitation?
Shamsabadi: I insist. Or should we go or talk here?
Nouri: What should I say?
Shamsabadi: Do you know hypnosis?
Nouri: A little.
Shamsabadi: How do you know?
Nouri gives him a card and Samadi Abadi touches it.
Shamsabadi: I mean, if I want to be hypnotized, I have to look at this card?
Nouri says: No, you should look into my eyes …
Shamsabadi becomes hypnotized and Nouri asks him many questions.

Nouri calls Soroush and says: You told someone what am I doing?
Either you said or Leila and Abad. Leila does not want anything bad for her brother. So …

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