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The Serial Gisoo part 14 does not show us special events. It only invites the viewer to see the continuation of the Carnotra carnivores after the completion of the previous season. I found out that Giso is alive, contrary to the imagination, and two assassins play to kill him. Hossein Yari lost his wife Mahtab by playing Pantea Bahram. It seems that the disagreement between Pantea Bahram and Manouchehr Hadi in the second season There is a presence). Soheil’s character, Golzar, is also involved in a divorce with his wife Pegah, and ends up miserable and penniless.

The acting group of Serial Gisoo part 14 also consists of the same former acting team, and unfortunately, this team still offers the worst games. Golzar, who has been applying for his superstar role in Iranian cinema since he was a child; uses the game poorly, and the actors, thanks to Massoud Raygan. Hossein Yari play through the medium, who are severely weakened and cannot do anything to get ahead. Meanwhile, Sara Bayat has appeared with a slightly different role from the others. The commonly used script shows that he is tired of his behavior and is very influential in doing so. He makes this difficult by using a series of dialogues and forcing children.

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Serial Gisoo part 14

Serial Gisoo part 14 is shown to the audience in the form of Mahnaz Afshar. If there is a special insistence to show Afshar’s face in Giso’s form, although he is not an actor in this season. In your opinion, if it is supposed to be with the cliché formula « There is a facial operation to survive »or something similar in front of him that shows Serial Gisoo part 14 in Hania’s body appealing to the spectator! However, I hope that this is not part of the script and that Giso reaches out to you to hit the audience. However, it has been announced that the script of this series has been rewritten more than 10 times. Giso is just beginning his journey and, like the previous season.

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What is Serial Giso part 14?

It should say that making titles such as Golshifteh. Serial Gisoo part 14 showed that making a series with a group of stars is not necessary for success in case of failure. With the support of this acting team, Giso can not move forward, but he can use Manouchehr Hadi as far as he can; The road and the well well know and his narrative style is still popular. It remains to see what path Serial Gisoo part 14 will take next. I am going to see more glamorous suits and thicker hairdressers. Including a political story such as money laundering (Hadi in the simplest possible language). Political punishment in Artaris, which is commendable).

He has won a lot of movie stars. Since the series is called Serial Gisoo part 14. It remains to see what will happen in the future. Script: The final title track is one of the worst songs ever made for a series; I suggest if you sit at the wig; Do yourself a favor and be sure to skip this section!

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