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Serial Gisoo part 19 on farsiland

Serial Gisoo (Asheghane 2) is the latest work of Manouchehr Hadi. The series is in the social and enigmatic genres and contains many stories.
Serial Irani Giso is actually the second season of the “Asheghane” series, which is the continuation of its story. In this season, a new character named Giso enters and 

About Gisoo Series

Giso has a mysterious character and enters the story with specific one can tell who he is and where he came from …
After many events and challenges, Soheil and Pegah find out that Giso is Reza’s father’s second wife

Detail Of Asheghane 2 (Gisoo)

Director: Manouchehr Hadi
Year of production: 1399
Actors: Mohammad Reza Golzar, Sara Bayat, Mahnaz Afshar, Hooman Sidi, Bahareh Kian Afshar, and …
Genre: Social, Mystery
Suitable for: ‌ Over 13 years
Duration of each episode: 50 minutes

Giso’s story ( Giso Part 1) is an enigmatic drama with social approaches, including money laundering, and due to the production of various serials in which romantic relationships have been the main focus, this chapter has undergone a fundamental change in the story in order to communicate with the audience;

So that the script of this series has been rewritten more than 10 times and the final design is still being rewritten.

The series Giso part 19, directed by Manouchehr Hadi and produced by Hooman Kabiri, went in front of the camera in Tehran, and Mohammad Reza Golzar and Hooman Sidi were two actors who went in front of the camera in the first days of filming.

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تماشای سریال گیسو قسمت9 1 فارسی لند

free watch & download Serial Irani Gisoo on farsiland

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