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Khosoof part 4 فارسی لند

Khosoof part 4 فارسی لند (سریال خسوف) is a play series directed by Maziar Miri, which will be broadcast on Friday, October 14, 1400, on Nemava’s requested screening system.

Khosoof part 4

StoryLine Serial khosoof part 4

Khosoof فارسی لند Amir loses his heart to the girl and the promises he made with his cousin. The revelation of this love has moved Amir’s family and …

Khosoof Serial directed by Maziar Miri is one of the newest series of Namava platforms. Considering the series of works that this director has made on TV and his movies, The eclipse has a space close to the previous works of the filmmaker. it should be sought in the arrangement and composition of the actors in this series.


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