Serial Malake Gedaian Part 10

Serial Malake Gedaian Part 10

Serial Malake Gedaian Part 10 For Free

Leia and Parsa are talking in the lab, about the game and the program they are going to perform on Alborz, about the past memories that are recounted by Leia, and the resentment that still continues. They want to use the talent and genius of Alborz to achieve their goals.

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Sarah’s mother is upset and angry and asks Dariush where Sarah is, but Dariush says she is unaware. Sarah has not been home for several days and her mother does not know about her. He rebukes Dariush and says to him: Well done to you, you are unworthy! You could not take care of Sarah!
Dariush: How come you did not pay attention to me when you secretly went to Turkey to get married to Sara and Alborz?
Darius reminds that he has given in to this humiliation because of Sarah so that he can find a trace of Sarah. Dariush finds Alborz and asks him for Sarah’s home address. Alborz also gives him the address.

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