Serial Malake Gedaian Part 12

Serial Malake Gedaian Part 12

Serial Malake Gedaian Part 12 For Free

Section 12 reveals many facts. Among other things, Alborz was Afra’s brother who, while their mother was in prison, left it to Leia (the queen) to take her two children from her addicted wife and give them to someone else. That person was also none other than Shabir.
In this way, we understand the main identity of Afra and Farhad here. Shabir also buys and takes both of these young children with him for money.

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We witness the confrontation of Arya’s ex-lover who comes to her house and because she thinks that the people who came to harass and threaten her have taken a line from Arya, they create a lot of controversies and also threaten that if they pay a sum to If he does not receive the title of Right of Silence, he will release the rest of the lost films, and thus Aria will be banned from working and all concert tours and albums on the way he had prepared for his future work will be canceled.

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