Serial Malake Gedaian Part 7

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Malake Gedaian Part 7

Malake Gedaian Part 7: Aria holds his concert and Afra goes to see him and sits next to Aria’s mother. Arya’s mother shocked when she saw Afra. Alborz also regrets walking to Turkey and returns to Afra.
When Aria’s concert is over, her mother and Afra go to another room to talk.
Leia: I don’t think you have any musical talent.
Leia: I very much agree with you.
Afra: In what case?
Leia: That you said Arya is beautiful.
Afra: Good saw, otherwise the hall would not be so full.
Leia: How is your relationship with Arya?
Afra: We are intimate.

Serial Malake Gedayan part 7

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We guess Leia is the queen of the story because when Afra left, she said to her: Do you talk a lot about me there?

Afra is forced to beg with a baby, which is the queen’s order. In fact, Afra came to Shabir to introduce him to Alborz both for this issue and to understand the main character of the queen.

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