Serial Malake Gedaian Part 8

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Malake Gedaian Part 8

Malake Gedaian Part 8: Alborz tries to enter the hospital with Soheil. Soheil starts a fight to distract everyone and Alborz secretly enters the room where his father was hospitalized. He sees with disbelief that the room is empty and no one is there. The nurse sees him and says: You came again! No one in this room is sick. Alborz tries to find out from Sara where his parents are.

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New Episode Of Malake Gedaian Part 8

Parsa calls Afra, Alborz starts arguing with Parsa by grabbing the phone.
He threatens her that he will handcuff everything and reveals everything to the police. Parsa in contact, with a sentence, strengthens the mentality in the viewer that the queen is Khurshid.

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