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Malake Gedayan Part 6: After Alborz realizes that he is not the son of Khorshid Khanum and Khosrokhan, he goes to the hospital to meet his father. When he is talking, his father suddenly wakes up and Alborz tells him the whole story. Khosrokhan did not show any reaction because he was given medicine that he could not speak.

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Alborz tells Afra the story of his meeting with Sarah and his offer to run away. During this conversation, Dariush arrives. He tells Alborz that Sarah ran away from home and asks her if Alborz knows about her or not.
Alborz denies knowing about Sara, Afra attributes this move to Alborz’s interest in Sara!

In the hospital, Ms. Khorshid looks lovingly at Khosrokhan. The doctor tells Khorshid that Khosrow has changed his mind after seeing Alborz and should be deprived of seeing him. Parsa encourages Khorshid to complain about Alborz, but she strongly opposes it.

Afra tells Alborz to leave the country, and without Sara, it reminds Alborz that Sara is not trustworthy. Alborz is talking to Sara in a cafe, but suddenly…

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