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The 15 Best Iranian Movies of All Time

Iranian Cinema is a rich and diverse cinema that has been in existence since the 1930s amidst oppressive regimes, censorship, and even in the face of exile. A film is an art form in Iran that dates back to the pioneering days of cinema in 1904. Starting with the opening of the first film school in 1925, an Iranian national cinema quickly began to develop.


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Meydan Sorkh (سریال میدان سرخ قسمت سوم) . As a result, Iranian national cinema has become an engaging, chaotic, soulful, and poignant cinema. It remains a true testament to the resilience and industrious nature of the Iranian people and serves as a veracious Iran that can tell its varied and compelling stories. This is a list of the 15 essential Iranian films of all time. The film ‌ Letter of the Meydan Sorkh home theater series has been written by Sara Soltani and Ali Masoudinia. Its stars include a combination of film and television stars such as Armin Rahimian, Omid Rouhani, Amir Hossein Arman, Behdokht Valian, Bahram Afshari, Hamid Farrokhnejad, Ali Mostafa, Kazem Siyahi, Massoud Keramati, Mahtab Keramati, and others have played in this Persian Serial. The singer of the series Meydan Sorkh is “Farzad Farzin” who is a popular singer in the country.

watch online serial meydane sorkh on farsiland

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