Serial Siavash Part 3

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Download Serial Siavash Part 3: Siavash is an Olympic champion who has won many gold medals.
She has a fiancé who is ill and needs treatment. Siavash tries every way to provide for his fiancé Marjan. No one is willing to help Siavash because he left the national team camp arbitrarily after the peak of Marjan’s illness, and they did not like this action.

New Part Of Siavash Series – Serial Siavash Part 3

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Then Siavash even thinks of usury and taking money with a lot of profit through a familiar person but he immediately regrets it.
In a meeting with Marjan in the heights of Tehran; he states privately that by participating in one of the upcoming competitions, and also he has been able to cover the costs of his liver transplant.
Marjan immediately doubts how he was able to get money from Siavash when he had not yet started a match.
Siavash explains that these competitions are free. It seems that; he intends to make a lot of money in some underground and illegal competitions based on betting and gambling.

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